Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Welcome to spring

It seems to be a nice sunny day today (though I could have done without the wind on my cycle in this morning). I will be very glad if Winter has finally come to an end. Perhaps changing the clocks does have an effect after all.

I note that talking about the weather is what people do when they haven't got anything more interesting to say. Looking back at my journal I find that there's only really been one non-trivial life update since my new car broke down at the beginning of January. This might be because nothing much has been happening, but equally it might be because I don't often have the inclination any more. Life has not been particularly great this past year. At about this time last year, not only did I miss the wedding of a couple of friends through not having the money to get out there, but ironically enough in this context (as I think most people here know by now) my own wife moved out of our marital home while I was away with our son visiting my parents. I did post a lot of heavily filtered posts about it at the time, but I kind of ran out of steam.

This, coupled with the recent political climate on LiveJournal, has made me increasingly apathetic about posting. Thus, I think it finally time to take (in)action: as of noon today I will stop posting here. This also means I probably will not be reading my Friends page any more; if there is something I need to know, please contact me by email or perhaps find me on Facebook.

On the other hand, this can also be a time for new beginnings. Now that I am no longer spending time on LiveJournal, this should be a good time for me to investigate other services. I have decided to try out Myspace (and if anyone has any good ideas about what background music I can put on my page there, please let me know).

It goes further than that, though. Since I may be about to be fired from my job for constantly turning up late (no doubt just an excuse to start getting rid of the lab staff before they subcontract the technical support to a call centre in India), it's time to do something radical — maybe even selling up and leaving the country. I'll be aiming to make my decision about that by this time next year, that is 1 April 2009. The islands of the South East look appealing, not least because of the warm climate. I've heard a little bit about San Seriffe — if anyone has been there or knows whether this area is worth considering I'd be grateful for any thoughts you have on the matter.

Well, that's it for now — love to you all, and remember: we won't be apart, we just… won't be together.


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