Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Tax Credits farce

So a couple of weeks ago my Tax Credits renewal form came, and it said "You have not notified us of any change in circumstances" which is false because I rang them up on 25 July 2007 to tell them that childcare arrangements were coming to an end. In consequence they have been overpaying me by about a fiver a week, until this April when the figures for the new tax year reduced me to just the basic family element anyway.

I rang them up (a) to tell them that I am no longer paying for childcare and yes I did in fact tell them this at the time, and (b) to complete the renewal.

Some time later, a final statement for last year arrived. It included the exact figure for income that I'd given them, so my phone call clearly had some effect, but the details for the year end still said I was paying childcare costs. "If we do not hear from you we will assume the information we hold is correct and complete. If we later find out that you knew this information was incorrect or incomplete and did not tell us, you may be liable to a financial penalty and/or you may be prosecuted." Isn't telling them twice enough, FFS?

Today, the icing on the cake: the 2008–09 statement has arrived. Guess what, it still has the childcare element on it. But that's not all. While I was on the phone, the guy had asked me my estimated income for this year. According to this statement, he missed a zero off when typing it in, and the system now wants to pay me £750 a month. *Headdesk*

You'd think the system would realise that my salary can't possibly be that low if I'm claiming to work more than 30 hours per week. (Well no, given the famed incompetence of the Tax Credits office you perhaps wouldn't think. But still.)

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