Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

When a child runs out of "I Spy" ideas…

smallclanger: I spy with my little eye-der* something beginning with t.
imc: [smallclanger's name]?
smallclanger: No, it's a lowercase t not a capital t!
smallclanger: Also, it begins with t and it ends with t.
imc: Thomas? (Completely forgetting the rules for a moment).
smallclanger: No. But you are half right, because it does begin with t.
[imc and bopeepsheep fail to guess the right answer]
smallclanger: It's something that my bell+ came in.
bopeepsheep: Is it a packet?
smallclanger: Yes. Oh! I meant it begins with p, not t!

smallclanger: I spy with my little eye-der something beginning with A.
imc: Is it armco barrier?
smallclanger: What's armco barrier?
imc: It's the wall in the middle of the motorway.
smallclanger: Yes, that's right! It was armco barrier.
imc: How could it be that if you didn't even know what it was?
smallclanger: Actually no, it wasn't that.
imc: Is it "a monster"?
smallclanger: No, that doesn't begin with A.
bopeepsheep: What if his name was Algernon?
smallclanger: Yes! It is Algernon the monster.

* He insists this is how you say it if you correct him. I think I may, once, have said as a joke, in the context of either a Spiderman toy or a rubber spider that he once brought home from school or something like that, "I spider, with my little eyeder…"

+ A bell that was bought to put on his bicycle a couple of weeks ago, and he took it home with him in the car but clearly left the card, on which it was mounted, in the car.


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