Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

What sort of lorry driver goes out without a map?

Friday morning I was cycling to work and had stopped at some traffic lights on Cowley Junction (a roundabout with four sets of traffic lights on it) and a huge lorry drew up alongside. The driver got down out of his left-hand-drive cab and showed me a piece of paper with the following scrawled on in handwriting:
[some company name, possibly a unit number too]
Carterton South
Industrial Estate
Being somewhat confused by the address (Carterton is not in Oxford by any stretch of the imagination but it does have an OX post code) and not wanting to send the poor chap to a town 20 miles away if there was any chance that this is in fact an oddly named industrial estate that is actually in Oxford (though I'd never heard of it), I tried to explain that I didn't know where it was. "Are you not from Oxford then?" said the driver in what may or may not have been a Dutch accent.

Anyway, in the end (with the cars behind beeping impatiently) he showed me a clipboard with the printed address which said
OX18 [something]
and so I was able to tell by the postcode that he had come to the wrong town. I motioned "If this is Oxford then you are about here and you need to go round and across like that" and sent him up the A40 west. However, I'm not entirely sure that he understood what the A40 west is.

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