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Places we have been...

This seems to be doing the rounds. I tried to stick to places where I have spent the night. It was relatively easy to get up to about 70, then things slowed down rather. I had to fill it up with a few places I have visited but not spent the night - these ones are asterisked.

In very approximately chronological order, where memory permits, and except where grouping certain places together made it easier:

1 Bolton (Lancs), England
2 Blackpool (Lancs), England
3 Llandudno, Wales
4 Hastings (E Sussex), England
5 *Chester (Cheshire), England
6 *York (Yorks), England
7 Bamburgh (Northumberland), England
8 Consett (Durham), England
9 Minehead (Somerset), England
10 Truro (Cornwall), England
11 Shrewsbury (Shropshire), England
12 *Stratford-upon-Avon (Warwickshire), England
13 Mallaig, Scotland
14 *Fort William, Scotland
15 London, England
16 *Innsbruck, Austria
17 Rimini, Italy
18 *San Marino
19 Bournemouth (Dorset), England
20 Port Erin, Isle of Man
21 New York (NY), USA
22 Niagara (NY), USA
23 Richmond (VA), USA
24 The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA
25 *Washington DC, USA
26 Stranraer, Scotland
27 somewhere near Giant's Causeway, N Ireland
28 Cautley (Cumbria), England
29 Aberffrwd, Wales
30 Eyemouth, Scotland
31 Oban, Scotland
32 Dolgellau, Wales
33 Ribchester (Lancs), England
34 the Coventry Canal, England
35 the Grand Union Canal, England
36 the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, England
37 Dunkirk, France
38 Bayeux, France
39 Oxford (Oxon), England
40 Chandler's Ford (Hants), England
41 Harestock (Hants), England
42 Weeke (Hants), England
43 Handsworth Village (Birmingham), England
44 Romsey (Hants), England
45 *Portmeirion, Wales
46 Venice, Italy
47 Rome, Italy
48 Cambridge (Cambs), England
49 Padua, Italy
50 somewhere near Verviers, Belgium
51 *Luxembourg, Luxembourg
52 Ludlow (Shropshire), England
53 *Gloucester (Gloucs), England
54 San Diego (CA), USA
55 La Jolla (CA), USA
56 *Tijuana, Mexico
57 Chicago (IL), USA
58 Boca Raton (FL), USA
59 Boston (MA), USA
60 Palo Alto (CA), USA
61 *Santa Cruz (CA), USA
62 Heathrow (Middx), UK
63 Austin (TX), USA
64 Bloomington (IN), USA
65 Indianapolis (IN), USA
66 Heidelberg, Germany
67 Telford (Shropshire), England
68 Durham (NC), USA
69 Research Triangle Park (NC), USA
70 York (PA), USA
71 Jacksonville (FL), USA
72 Pensacola (FL), USA
73 Cincinnati (OH), USA
74 Bucyrus (OH), USA
75 Sandusky (OH), USA
76 Paris, France
77 Ponsanooth (Cornwall), England
78 Phoenix (AZ), USA
79 Daresbury (Cheshire), England
80 Wishaw, Scotland
81 Bath (Somerset), England
82 *Hoboken (NJ), USA
83 Elizabeth (NJ), USA
84 Orlando (FL), USA
85 Hayes (Middx), UK
86 Sheffield (S Yorkshire), England
87 Brighton (E Sussex), England
88 Witney (Oxon), England
89 East Grinstead (W Sussex), England
90 Omaha (NE), USA
91 Mitchell (SD), USA
92 Pierre (SD), USA
93 Deadwood (SD), USA
94 Rapid City (SD), USA
95 Wall (SD), USA
96 Kennebec (SD) or thereabouts, USA
97 Huron (SD), USA
98 Sioux Falls (SD), USA
99 Cardiff, Wales
100 Carmarthen, Wales

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