Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


The other week smallclanger and I went to Aylesbury for an evening show of the Moscow State Circus. There were acrobats, trapeze artists, a clown, "Russia's last human cannonball", a unicyclist, a ping-pong ball juggler, illusionists who cut women into slices and then stick them back together, and a man with lots of crossbows. (But no animals.)

I tested my new camera (which I may eventually get round to posting about) by taking a few video clips. (How the following work depends on your browser setup, I suppose — if all else fails, right-click to download them and then feed them to your favourite media player. These are quite compressed compared to what came out of the camera, so any artefacts are probably not the camera's fault. They average about 1.1 megs each.)

trapeze act; acrobat jumping into a chair; very high somersault


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