Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


I've just doubled up. Unfortunately the scores get wiped later today because it's only the practice round. Ah well. Mind you, if it were not the practice round I probably wouldn't have pitched in $4000 to stay in with only a pair of 2s (A2 to match a board of K42). I won it because the last card out was also a 2.

PS. I took the keyboard apart (it has about two dozen screws — I kept having to go back to look for more when I couldn't get the lid off). I cleaned the contacts. I put it back together again. And verily it now works. It is probably lucky for me that it was a relatively cheap one (cost me about 200 quid back in the day but it would probably be a third of that now for a better model) because that meant the switches were just the same kind of rubbery things you find inside a calculator or mobile phone. Lift it off, clean the bottom of the rubbery thing and the top of the circuit board, put it back on, and Bob's your uncle.
Tags: wrgpt

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