Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

The weekend so far

When the idea of a full performance of Gloria was first mooted, we planned a big event in a prestigious venue in Oxford. However, at the beginning of February we reluctantly decided that we hadn't quite got the resources together to pull this off properly, so we elected to postpone the big event and put on a community concert instead. This was arranged for the church in the centre of Blackbird Leys, with free admission, as a service for the local estate that gave birth to the choir in the first place. (The big event is now going to be the end of May or the beginning of June.)

So yesterday we performed a solid hour's worth of great music to an excellent standard… to an audience of 30. My immediate thought was of Luke 4:24. However, there were some good reactions from the people who were there, and we reckon that in terms of music per audience member they got pretty good value for money…

I suspect tomorrow will be similarly select, because it's basically an evening church service (and last year when we did the same thing I don't think there was any kind of announcement that it would be in any way special, save a line hidden in the notice sheet). And we're competing with the Cherwell Singers who have stolen one of our choir members. :-)

Today smallclanger and I went on our first trip of the season to Legoland. It was always going to happen sooner rather than later, but a couple of months ago an online friend K from Michigan whom I last met in person in 2001 said she was coming over and asked if we could meet up, and to cut a long story short we agreed to meet in Legoland. She's staying for a couple of days with another online friend H (whom I last met in 1998 when she hosted me for a few days in North Carolina) and they were sort of planning to come to the concert but were too tired after K had spent most of the day touring London. Anyway, they came to meet us this morning (rather leisurely I thought relative to the ticket price at Legoland) after smallclanger and I had been on the slightly-renamed Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench and then the Xtreme Team Challenge (which is a rapid water raft ride, possibly the only major attraction we hadn't been on before. Tip: wear something with waterproof sleeves because in the Legoland ponchos we got our arms rather wet). It's funny how smallclanger always seems to want to go on the wet things first! Our friends were of course suitably impressed by Miniland and we took the Skyrider and the Orient Expedition as good opportunities to see the park. Random fact: someone in our group at Rocket Racers typed LAQ as his name — didn't seem to do him any good, though (finished fifth, just behind smallclanger who had elected to let the computer do all his driving for him). Random fact 2: they have got rid of the Jungle Coaster. A couple of our other friends were gutted to find that out when they went on opening day last week as they hadn't got round to going on it before.

A slightly odd small-world thing happened last night. I don't go to OK Cupid much these days and haven't changed my profile (or even read what I wrote — don't go and check as it's probably awful) for about two years, but it does keep sending me email about Quiver matches. Last night's one caught my eye because the subject line which lists the usernames of three random people I might like to contact contained a name I recognised as a friend-of-friend on LiveJournal. That is all.

I nearly forgot to put my clocks on, and as a result it is now too late for me to still be up. Good night. :-)

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