Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

More spam

Subject: Your payment details (Kindly view the attachment for more details)

Attention Beneficary, Kindly view the attachment for more details
Now you have to be careful with random attachments because they can easily carry Trojans. However, I'm viewing it in a Linux mail client which allows you to override the attachement's MIME-type and view it as text, which is guaranteed not to execute anything dangerous. The attachment is called MORE INFORMATION.txt and it's of type application/octet-stream (which is slightly dodgy), but oddly it's only 65 bytes long. So I view it, and it says…
Attention Beneficary, Kindly view the attachment for more details
So, incompetent as well as a spammer, then.

Five and a half hours later, he realises his mistake and sends it again, this time with a 3.6K attachment. It's the usual schtick — in all capitals, mind — about being from the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA.
Tags: spam

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