June 22nd, 2003



Our gardens look a lot better now, thanks to mum-and-dad-in-law, and all we had to do was feed them some salad and ginger beer for lunch...

However, now that we have aquired an MDG it will probably fall upon me to take several bags of garden waste down to the tip, because the bin-men won't take it unless it's in special green bags from the council.

Of course, yesterday I had to mow the lawn to make it a bit neater before the onslaught. Why do we bother to have lawns... all they do is grow and make more work! See: http://www.richsoil.com/lawn/god.html ;-)
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Big Brother

Confession time. Sad though it is, I am an incurable voyeur. And so it is that I watched BBs 1, 2 and 3 all the way through (with only the odd gap when I had the misfortune to go on holiday <g> - in fact I think I still have a tape full of episodes from one of the years that I never got round to watching, but I digress) and have seen pretty much all of BB4 so far. I also have some IRC friends who are pretty much as avid as I am: they brought a pocket TV to my (and J's) pre-wedding meal because it fell on the same night as the BB3 final. (Come to think of it, I still haven't watched the tapes of that either.)

This is all by way of explaining why there might be some BB references in things that I post (I note that J has already started doing it), though I'll perhaps try to keep them to a minimum. However, now that I've started...

This week's evictions were evil. Instead of at least a 1-in-2 choice of who to keep in the house, the public got a 1-in-3 choice. And so it was that my favourite two lads were put up against each other. This means Jon and Cameron: Federico could be immediately dismissed as an immature brat who was always going to be out first. As if that were not enough, I now hear that Cameron has been sent off to South Africa. Will we ever see him again?

As to why I just called Jon and Cameron "my favourite two lads": well, Cameron seems to be one of the nicest people you could ever meet (and I happen to love his Orkney accent), while Jon appeals to my geeky and cynical sides (it also turns out that there are threads in the Usenet archives in which Jon and I exchanged a posting or two). If I were in the house (and some people know that I did send in a serious application for BB2 in January 2001, but owing to incredibly bad judgement on the part of the producers I wasn't even called to the first round of selection) I would be the combination of the two of them (so they'd have a spare place to give to someone else!). I note that Cam said when he went in "It'd be great if I met my wife in the house - though that's not why I'm going in", and that BBLB now has a running feature to find Cameron a nice lady, which I think is something that would have appealed to me at the time (I hasten to point out that Jan 2001 was before I met J). :-)

Anyway, enough rambling about that.

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