June 27th, 2003


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Well gosh and golly, I've been promoted! Thanks to my wife, who was clearly feeling rich. :-) (Although not super rich as it's only 6 months' worth <gdr>)

(Now I suppose I'll have to find some more pics... maybe even one that actually shows me!)
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work, work, work!

It wasn't so bad when I arrived... I managed to read my mail and file my 8 overnight copies of Sobig-E and even report a couple of spams at SpamCop (although it's somewhat broken at the moment).

11.20am: I am informed that all the relevant exam marks are in, so I make a start on producing the stats for this afternoon's meeting. I have about 2½ hours.

11.30am: user arrives with a laptop and wants various things sorting outblah blahCollapse )

12.00pm: I am nowhere near finishing that when AWR appears and asks me how I am doing with the stats. I spend 10 minutes generating the text print-outs in front of him and print them out, and promise to have the graphs ready in time for the meeting. I did some graphsCollapse )

AWR collects the printouts and says "by the way, can you also make a chart of the following information?". "We'll see," say I. This involves writing a new program (although it turns out it is easily hacked from one of the existing ones).

1.10pm: I'm almost ready to print the graphs. AWR arrives and says he likes the printouts, but can I change the parameters thus. etcCollapse )

1.50pm: I'm nearly on the last line of the program which was requested earlier (but it still has to have its syntax errors fixed). AWR asks me if I have his printout yet, so I tell him "in theory" it's almost ready to be generated. He says the printouts are fine, "but" can this column show Z rather than Y, although it doesn't matter for today's meeting because Z happens to equal Y at present.

2.00pm: The program actually worked! I take the printout to the meeting room and ask if they need me to sit in. AWR takes my extension number and says he will ring down some parameters. I return to my office and start editing the program to make the display of Z possible in between fielding queries from people who want to know where my colleague TB is.

2.30pm: I didn't really get started on those changes. The phone rings and AWR says he would like to be able to modify the parameters interactively, so could I bring up a laptop and a data projector. I panic TB by asking if we have any spare laptops, but fortunately we do. At that moment a technician walks past, so we ask him to take a data projector up to the meeting room.

It will save time, I reason, if I just use the laptop to log into my office machine where the database system is and run it from there. We drape cables across the room only to discover that the ethernet-dongle is broken ...Collapse ) I run downstairs and tar the whole thing on to a floppy, so we don't need the network any more.

Fortunately, things start getting betterCollapse ).

4:30pm: Meeting over, and I have the parameters which will be used to create the figures for the next meeting on Monday. I return to my office and eat the banana that I brought for my lunchtime.Collapse )I start on producing the figures that the Mathematics department needs for the maths papers that our candidates took.

6:00pm: The figures are finished and mailed.

The choir is going on a punting picnic at 7pm - a fact that I had forgotten until mid-morning at about the time that all the panic started. J is feeling icky and needs company, so I phone one of the members and tell them not to wait for me to turn up.

I eat a bag of Doritos, thus finishing my lunch.

TB is still busy with laptops. And because he is busy, so am I.Collapse )

7:15pm: While waiting for the laptop, I finish making the stats program produce Z as well as Y (no such thing as too much information). Good job the choir group weren't still waiting for me at the Cherwell boathouse.

7:20pm: I am finally ready to go home, so I start logging out. The laptop finishes applying updates, so TB shuts it down. I am called into the setup room by a perplexed TB who has noticed that it is taking ever such a long time to unload the kernel pcmcia modules. It has in fact crashed. We reboot it and shut it down once more, just to check. It crashes again. Bah. I search the web but don't find anything. (If anyone has any suggestions...)

7:40pm: It still isn't fixed but it is definitely time to go home. TB gets a phone call from his wife wondering where he is. I say mine will be wondering where I am too!
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