July 11th, 2003


Current email annoyances

  1. Copies of Sobig.E. Mailbounces from copies of Sobig.E sent with my email address on them. Notifications from virus scanners which were intelligent enough to detect Sobig.E but too stupid to realise that Sobig.E never has a correct return address on it. People who write to me saying "you wrote please see the attachment but you didn't send the attachment".
  2. Spam. The particular kind of spam which arrives with a blank text-part and a base64 html-part, which gets through my procmail filter because the text part nixes both the "html only" and "entirely in base64" rules, and the base64 encoding makes keyword matching ineffective. Writing a rule that matches non-blank text parts may be "interesting". Possibly time to install a newer spam filter, but realistically that seems unlikely to happen in the near future.
  3. Otherwise-intelligent staff members who write to support with their spam saying "is this new?" (as if we care) or with their mailbounces caused by spam or worms forged to appear to be from them, saying "I don't remember sending this email" or "is this evidence of something we should worry about?".
  4. People who write to us saying "one of your users is sending spam" because they received a spam that had a From line of jhzyiidgw@comlab (I bet that user takes 5 attempts to log in every morning).
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Yes I did manage to fix the bugs. Of course, over the last week or so I've been a bit pre-occupied to remember to tweak the system so it can handle the Mods papers as well as finals - but it didn't take too long. LO says he wants to ask me some questions, but in fact it seems that those are the same as the bugs I've fixed. I have sent him the new programs which will hopefully be to his satisfaction. I'll have to go in to see him on Monday morning though, I think.
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BB disgrace

I don't really see what everyone seems to have against Lisa. I quite like her actually, when she's not spouting too much crap, and it was rather entertaining when she finally blew up the other evening.

But there really is no excuse for the scenes which occurred a few minutes ago. It's good that she is such a defiant and feisty character, or she'd have been completely demolished.

I'd have liked to see the reaction of everybody if she were put back in the house, but I'm very happy that Jon won the vote (with 62%, bygolly). What a fabulous idea that was.

I wonder what it would be like in a future BB if, after the nominations and the public vote, the losing housemate wasn't evicted but stayed in the house, unable to win or take part in the nomination process (and they probably wouldn't do the weekly task either).
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ukrc meet

Allegedly almost a dozen people will be making their way to Oxford tomorrow morning and all because I commented that I'd find it hard to attend a meet that was any great distance away (or any meet at all if smallclanger was unco-operative). Someone immediately piped up "then it shall be in Oxford" and I kind of felt obliged to name the place (University Parks) since there were no other Oxford residents in the thread. pould is in Oxford, but he posted only once to say "I hadn't heard about this" and hasn't been seen again...

At about 2pm this afternoon I posted to the effect that anyone who wanted my mobile number could email me, and to date precisely no people have responded - including the person to whom I followed-up (I'd have sent it to him if he bothered having an email address anywhere accessible). I hope everyone is confident of where they are going!

Update (13 July): this person did in fact email me, but for some reason the email sat in his outbox instead of being delivered. Oh well - everything turned out OK in the end.
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