July 12th, 2003


ukrc meet

In the end the only person who emailed me to exchange mobile numbers was Mark - at 10:05 this morning - and I already had his from the previous meet. However, 15 people actually turned up, which was nice (this figure includes a slightly eccentric random stranger who came for a chat while waiting for a physics seminar of some description, and acr33's little sister who came just for dinner and isn't a ukrc poster).

A big thanks to everyone who made it out to Oxford, including my darling wife who managed three hours sitting out in the sun before our parking ticket expired and I ferried her back home to get some sleep.

While I was away doing that, the assembled throng (minus a couple of people who had to get back to Cambridge) decided to march on Wycliffe Hall in search of pould. Unfortunately, he wasn't in, so they left a piece of paper with everyone's signature on it (except mine, obviously) and a message asking if he knew any good curry houses. They walked back South and I rejoined them as they reached the Bird and Brat and went in for a well-deserved pint. (If they had waited a bit longer they could have left a photo of the meet at Wycliffe too, as I printed one out at their request while I was at home.)

I could be wrong, but I think most or all of Oxford's decent curry houses are East of the Plain, which is a fair walk for people who have to get back to the city centre for the Park&Ride bus, so I suggested a walk down George Street, where ASK (Italian cuisine) won a toss-up with Bella Pasta to be declared suitable for our requirements.

After the bill had been paid we made our way to the bus stop only to see the bus leaving. I stayed and chatted a while, then left the remaining people to wait out the rest of their 30 minutes until the next bus (some of them chose to do this in Border's).

It was a good day.
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