July 17th, 2003



I seem not to have enough physical memory, since every time I switch virtual desktops it seems to swap for half a minute or more before everything is useable again (although, just to prove me wrong, it's stopped doing it now). This is irritating, as I think 80MB ought to be more than enough. (I bought the machine with 16MB in August 1997 and ran perfectly happily (with my 16-colour X server(!) until Precision Insight released their free-of-charge X server for Neomagic chips) until May 1998 when I added a 64MB module (the maximum available) so I could do such exotic things as pnmrotate on a scanned image. It's all worked very well since then.)

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Random wibbling

  1. It seems to be getting warmer as we get later into the night. This can't be right. Meanwhile, the thermometers around the house seem to have remained constant throughout the day (74F upstairs, 76F in the kitchen - and that's with the upstairs windows open). I usually regard 74F as `slightly too warm' for room temperature, and yet until tea time I was pleasantly cool in my long-sleeved t-shirt.
  2. Perhaps it's the oppressive weather, but I seem to be out of breath a lot more than normal today (and last night). By 1pm I was on my second Ventolin of the day, though I seem not to have taken any since, and I managed to cycle to Cowley and back later this afternoon without ill effects. Seriously considering taking another one now, though.
  3. I also seem to be rather tired lately, even though I'm mostly sleeping through the night. I've hardly done anything today (having got up somewhat after 11am - I blame the two separate postmen who rang our doorbell before 8am this morning, causing me to want to go back to sleep) and I still nearly fell asleep in front of the computer earlier this evening. This is not good when I'm supposed to be working.
  4. Having not wanted to go anywhere near a curry for the last eight months, DW has now requested it three times this week (and I am quite happy to oblige). So we have had beef madras (which was rather hot - obviously our period of abstinence has turned us into `curry newbies'), chicken tikka masala, and tonight beef jalfrezi. There is a certain ulterior motive for this - apparently it helps encourage the onset of labour, which by now would be a blessed relief (afterwards, not during, obviously).
  5. I must remember to give DW some peaches at lunch time tomorrow for the making of milkshake. We have rather a lot of them at present. The midwife told her to eat lots of fruit earlier today.
That's all for now.
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