July 26th, 2003


BB results

JW:29 (Ray=12, Gos=7, Steph=10)
gjm:26 (Scott=11, Tania=6, Nush=9
bopeepsheep:24 (Nush=9, Federico=4, Scott=11)
imc:20 (Justine=2, Cameron=12*, Tania=6)
VM:18 (Jon=5, Nush=9, Federico=4)
LW:15 (Nush=9, Jon=5, Anouska=1)

*I was the only one to place a housemate lower than they eventually ended up, so I deducted a point. This would have come into play if more of us had got the correct finalists but in the wrong order.

During the week, once the final four were known, we predicted the order in which they would come out of the house. Not sure what the scoring is for this one, but I think the following is most likely the correct order of ranking.

LW:Steph, Ray, Scott, Cameron
VM:Steph, Scott, Cameron, Ray
JW & imc:Steph, Cameron, Ray, Scott
bopeepsheep & gjm:Steph, Ray, Cameron, Scott

. . . which is almost the reverse of the first table. :-)


This week I are bin mostly...

putting up shelves. Eight in the living room and one over the stairs since Thursday. (Total length: 9.51 metres)

In other news, we have discovered a corner of the living room that we had forgotten existed.
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