August 7th, 2003


Friends lemming

`Trust Flow' metric - closest 50 non-friends for imc:

1: babyholly
2: hoiho
3: meirion
4: bb_hope
5: kaetand the restCollapse )

A strange collection of names I know, names I don't know but have seen in lots of people's comments pages, and a few names I'd never heard of at all until I got the results (one of those is in the top 5 too). Some of the names I don't know are doubtless people whose RL identity I haven't yet connected with their LJ entity.

Sleep. Cry. Eat. Nappy. Repeat.

Well the second night wasn't too bad - I stayed downstairs with baby T for a couple of hours to give his mum some peace, then after a feed he slept in his crib for about 4 hours before the next feed.

Wednesday was the baby's first trip into the outside world since coming home from hospital. I carried him into Mothercare where we bought some random stuff, then carried him back out again. We waited in the car while J went to Tesco. He never stirred throughout.

The next night wasn't so good. He wouldn't settle in the crib, so he came into the bed again. One feed before 3am and the next was at 5:30 (at which point I got weed on), and I spent about the next two hours trying to persuade him to go to sleep. He was quiet only if he had my finger (and even when he appeared to be asleep he noticed its removal). We were just recouping on some of our sleep when the midwife phoned, so we had to throw some clothes on. A short while later J was out to visit the doctor, so we came too since I was driving. As has become his usual habit, the baby slept for the whole duration.