August 13th, 2003


sleepless night

. . . for the baby, apparently, but his mother very nobly didn't wake me up at all between about 1.30am and 7am (though I did wake briefly at one point in the night and discovered she wasn't there).

I waited 10-15 minutes to see if he would settle. It looked like he might, but then he began stirring again so I went to fetch the `small' bottle of milk (which turned out to contain 70ml), and after that performed a nappy change and a sleepsuit change.

It was 7.45am and not worth going back to bed, so I got up with the thought of getting to work early. Well, I say `early', but I really mean `less late'. Unfortunately with one thing and another I still didn't get here till 10am. But at least J & T got another hour of sleep while I was getting ready.

So having missed my last hour or so of sleep I'm a bit tired today. But probably not as tired as J is going to be.