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Daddy Clanger's Journal
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Friday, August 22nd, 2003

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Plus c'est la même chose
I was mildly amused to hear this on Radio 3 this morning:
His compositions will remain outstanding long after all modern rubbish has been forgotten.
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Sobig.F update
Number of copies of the virus so far since Tuesday lunchtime: 91

This includes: mail bounces, majordomo results, vacation messages, confirmation requests (from people running mail filters which auto-reply to non-whitelisted correspondents) and a few inactive copies of the worm itself which didn't come with the attachment.

Doesn't include: any live copies of the worm (because they would have been filtered out at Oxmail), any copies arriving via mailing lists, and one person who sent me a largely unintelligible one-line message which probably translates as "why did you send me that, then?".

Oops, make that 92.

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