August 28th, 2003


Mangled dongle dangle trouble

My ethernet connection has coped fairly well since the accident but it does rely on the cable dangling at a particular angle so that the plug makes a good connection with the PC card (too shallow and it doesn't connect properly; too steep and it causes undue stress and makes it more difficult to connect in future). This has in large part been due to the fact that the laptop has been sitting on a tray, the edge of which is just the right height.

Well, the laptop got moved last night (this is to do with my parents being here till the weekend) so this morning I had to twiddle it again. I'd got it working when I shut the lid (leaving the laptop still running), but wouldn't I just have to have one more fiddle to make sure the plug stayed in properly. Next thing I knew, the laptop was booting up (off the DOS floppy I'd previously made and failed to remove from the drive), having suddenly reset itself. I was not impressed. Oh well, the disks probably all needed fscking anyway since it's been so long since the last time, but it doesn't half take a long time (on a P150 with 3200MB of mounted disk).

Last boot: Sun Jan 19 22:25:50 GMT 2003 (after patching glibc)
Uptime: don't know, of course, but probably about 100 days.

Big boy

By the way, T is about to grow out of a sleepsuit for the first time! We measured him last night, and he seems to be 22 inches tall.

He went a marathon 6 hours between feeds last night. Unfortunately this time ended at 3am (we'd have given him a feed at midnight, had he been awake). He had 120ml before the nappy change (which was very peaceful) and 50ml after, but he still didn't settle so J took him into the nursery for a bit. He was then given another 70ml some time before 7am, and about an hour later had a very noisy nappy change (which apparently woke my dad up - well, he is probably the one who plonked a big bag just inside the nursery door which meant I couldn't shut it to keep the noise down). Come time to get up, baby T was fast asleep.

My mum is strange - we went upstairs to bring a mattress down for her to sleep on and she made us stop, saying she was perfectly OK to sleep on the sofa (which OK is pretty comfortable, but it's a 2-seater).