September 7th, 2003


A very important matter

Possibly the second most important bathroom-related issue in a relationship (after the toilet-seat issue, of course). . .

Poll #177198 important matter

When you replace the loo roll, which way round do you put it in the loo roll holder?

With the end hanging down away from the wall (or towards the user), of course!
With the end hanging down near the wall.
I just bung it on whichever way it happens to end up.
My loo roll holder can't really be described in such simple terms.
`Loo roll holder'?

Junk mail

I have been known to fill in consumer survey forms, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that I have once ticked the box which says `science fiction' while answering the question about my interests (on the other hand, I probably did not tick the `avid book reading' box).

This may or not be relevant to the fact that this week I received an offer to join the Fantasy & SF book club. But there doesn't seem to be any particular reason why the very next day I was invited to join the History Guild, and the day after that the Ancient & Medieval [sic] history book club (you wait months for a book club invitation, then three come at once. . .).

Meanwhile, one of the above was accompanied on my doormat by two identical-looking envelopes from NTL. The letters inside, while different, both claimed (in identical introductory paragraphs) that they are `continually looking at ways in which we can improve our customer service.' One of them said that they are going to start collecting my DD payment nine days earlier. The other said that they will no longer be itemising phone calls of less than 50p and that calls will in future be rounded up to the nearest penny (as well as the connection charge going from 4.9p to 5p). Which they've obviously done solely for my benefit. . .

(By the way, I still continue to receive scam `You have won!' letters. Haven't yet sent any more of them off to Trading Standards, and haven't heard anything back from the last lot either.)