November 11th, 2003


Yay and boo

Yay to: healthy bouncing babies, permanently-on Internet, friends and relatives, a tenner on the thunderball, quizzes and more quizzes*, Tesco's Finest yoghurt.

Boo to: getting up in the morning, flat tyres, neighbours' cats pooing in the garden, trivial quirks that take all night to investigate+, stuff in the fridge that's too old.

* I think the closing date for this quiz will be some time tomorrow morning.
+ When my machine (Linux 2.2.19) mounts the MSDOS filesystem from my digital camera's compact flash card (in a PCMCIA slot) it seems to be convinced that my camera is still in Summer time because it lists all the files as created one hour earlier than they actually were. Still haven't solved that, so I've put the camera's clock an hour forward again for now.
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Happy birthday, Scott

Back in the days when Usenet was fashionable among the academic and catching on among the newly computer-literate public and Quantum Leap was recent history (and still gaining new viewers in reruns), two members of a certain family wandered fresh from Accelerate 96 into the rast-ql newsgroup. A little later, they conspired with another random newsgroup member - our very own gjm, also known as `Gooshie' - to set up a regular IRC meet on Undernet on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm (which I didn't join because at that time my home computer was a Sam Coupé - sulk). It's still going now, though it's only a shadow of its former self.

And so it was that in early 1998 `Lwaxanna' and `Imzali' (together with John, who didn't have much say in the matter) decided they would quite like to meet some of the people they'd been chatting to on the newsgroup and in the irc channel and therefore decided that they would hold a party at their home in Telford in honour of Dean Stockwell's birthday. Actually they had cheated slightly by meeting Gooshie a few months previously, so they didn't need to be wary of dozens of strange people when in the end it was only the four of them and one of me who turned up. Nevertheless, it was such a success that they did the whole thing again in October for Scott Bakula's birthday - and had a full house for that one (it seems he's more popular than Dean in these parts).

The Sixth Annual Scott Party took place on Hallowe'en weekend this year. Unfortunately this was also the weekend of the funeral and so we couldn't (and didn't want to) just leave our family members behind. Ideally we would have remained in Bolton until Sunday evening, but this would have meant missing the entire party, so instead we left on Saturday afternoon and arrived at 6pm in time for the murder mystery game. It was probably one of the better ones we have done (although J and I weren't in costume) and I managed to name the correct suspect in the end.

The next day we had the observation quiz (always difficult), a walk round the duck pond, finishing of the written quizzes and some more games. All good fun - just a shame we missed most of Saturday's games. In the evening we made it back to Oxford in about two hours, and that was that for another five months.