November 26th, 2003


Spam, spam, spam, spam

For no other reason than a link posted by ewx, I counted up the spam trapped by my filter over the last 3 weeks and the last 7 days with their rejection reasons.
Last 3 weeks
DNSBL listed 4657
Bcc mail 3389
HTML mail 838
SpamAssassin 199
windows-1251 30
spam score 20
rogue domain 8
windows-1251 multipart 5
rogue user 3
No From: line 3
base64 mail 1
Total: 9153
Last week
Bcc mail 1672
DNSBL listed 1636
HTML mail 290
SpamAssassin 43
spam score 9
windows-1251 4
rogue domain 2
Total: 3656
Those are scarily high figures. :-(

Spam that got through in the last 3 weeks: 72
of which those during the last week: 39
[Recent modifications to the filter would now have junked 31 of those 72.]

Figures of which rule junked each message are of course biased by the order in which they are checked in the filter, which is: Bcc, No From:, DNSBL, rogue domain, rogue user, HTML, base64, windows-1251, SpamAssassin, spam score (with earlier matches taking precedence).

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