December 2nd, 2003


Mixed lemmings

I decided to do the answers to the 20 questions thing all in one, so here it is. Several answers are just general; some are for a specific individual [not necessarily the same one each time] who has previously posted one of these. . . but which one?

1. "Hey you!"
2. Absolutely.
3. Since we first met (to a degree of approximation).
4. See above.
5. You are pretty but you don't have to wear black all the time.
6. Oh, probably.
7. Chocolate. And glitter.
8. What, again? I should hope not. :-)
9. The love of your life.
10. People falling out with each other.
11. Plastic penguins.
12. If I won the lottery I would clear your debts. But I haven't, so I can't. Still time yet, though. . .
13. I don't think I know you very well at all.
14. Leaving Debenhams at lunch time.
15. That would be telling. Actually no, probably not.
16. Other people have done far better than I at answering this question.
17. Shapely.
18. Just ticking over.
19. I'm not very good at talking full stop; but inasmuch as I could, then yes.
20. No. Or yes. This is my livejournal anyway. :-p

More spam

Further to last week's observation I was doing a bit of clearing up on my spam logs and I discovered that 10% of all my spam (counting from the last week of 1997) has arrived since 21 November this year!

(This is measured from my procmail junk folder, which catches most but not quite all of my spam but also includes several copies of the latest virus and maybe one non-spam email every couple of months.)