February 18th, 2004


Another rare update

Friday 6th: set off rather late (almost 10pm) to head North, and had to go via Tesco to change the chicken casserole (as I didn't think it sensible to leave it till Monday because it would then no longer be within the use-by date). Had to wait an age to see anyone and then another age while they faffed about deciding whether they could actually help me or not. In the end they did, though - I got a replacement and a refund.

We made it to my parents' house by not long after 1am, chatted for a while and went to bed. They were of course very pleased to see smallclanger.

After horrifying my mum by telling her that bopeepsheep had joined WeightWatchers (though we assured her it was fine - you don't have to change anything, you just have to count it) we had lunch and then set off down the M62 to find k425, oldbloke and youngbloke with surprisingly few wrong turns thanks to the directions from MapQuest. We had a good couple of hours there and admired their view as well as the baby before setting off back in the driving rain and sleet. (We didn't have directions for going back so just followed the signs for the M62 which seemed rather longer than the earlier journey.)

Next morning I went out with my parents to their church service. I took smallclanger with me and left bopeepsheep to catch up on a bit more sleep. The silly boy started howling almost as soon as I had got in (which was during the first hymn) and had to be taken out by my mum for a while. Eventually he calmed down, and after the service had many admirers.

After lunch we set off back down south via buzzy_bee and the_muttster's place for dinner and some games - where smallclanger made himself unpopular by kicking my arm just after I had been handed a tumbler full of Coke and getting it all down my side (luckily I had a spare t-shirt and jumper, though I had to go out to the car to get them), and also by knocking over another tumbler of Coke during a game of Chrononauts and getting the timeline all wet (in fact, the cards that came out of it the worst were those stacked in the draw pile).

So we managed a game of Monkeyball, half a game of Chrononauts and a game of Tantrix before deciding to call it a night. Sadly, for various reasons, we didn't get to revisit the LoTR Risk, and we still haven't played Settlers. We are planning to stay longer the next time we are in the neighbourhood. :-)

We made it back home some time around midnight, to discover that one of our bookcases in the living room had mysteriously collapsed (not totally, but all the shelves were wonky and several of the contents had been thrown out). Or possibly not so mysteriously, given the weight of the magazines which had recently been put on the middle shelf.

Skip forward to yesterday, and what do you think my (slightly delayed because it had to be ordered in) Valentine's Day present was? A Tantrix set. :-)