February 19th, 2004



Of course, the other thing we found when we came home that weekend was a package [we get a lot of those - bopeepsheep seems to be having a whale of a time on eBay] which the postman had stuffed a short way into our letter box and left it sticking out on Saturday morning. It had clearly rained since then, and though the outside of the package had dried out, the contents (baby clothes) were still slightly damp.

This morning a postman rang the doorbell and, as I was slightly slow in opening the door, he left the package on the ground just by the door and continued on his merry way. When I opened the door he said something of the form `it's down by the door, mate' so I asked him to please not do that in case we are on holiday and he grunted an `oh yeah' kind of noise.

But it will be as well not to buy anything by mail order during the week before we go away. . .

Catching up. . .

Friday night choir practices have restarted. They were suspended some time last year (October-ish) but this term we have recruited a new conductor who thought it would be a good idea to reinstate them, so it's back to being late home on Fridays for me - though not quite as late, since they are now at 7.30 instead of 8pm.

On Saturday we had a Plan. I needed to collect a prescription from the doctor's, which closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (and I wanted the prescription because my PPA prepay certificate was to run out on the 15th). I needed a new bike since, in addition to the previous problems one of the pedals looked like it was about to fall off, I'd snapped a gear cable earlier in the week, and the previous morning I'd discovered a flat tyre and just to complete my morning my chain fell off about 5 minutes after I had left for work. My version of the plan was: go to the doctor's, go to the bike shop. However, bopeepsheep wanted to go into town, so it was: go to the doctor's, come back to look after smallclanger. Go back out (with smallclanger) an hour or so later to collect the prescription because the chemist had been so slow about it.

After lunch we took smallclanger to his Granny's for the night and came back via Tesco. I had almost abandoned the plan to go to the bike shop, but in the end I went out anyway. It was 5pm when I left, and the shop was well and truly shut. But on the way back I went to B&Q for some screws to fix the mysteriously collapsed bookshelf.

So after tea, instead of carrying out our Plan to tidy up, I rebuilt the bookshelf (which admittedly did involve tidying up the contents which had been thrown out of it, and it needed doing so it wasn't a waste of time) while bopeepsheep did some tie-dying.

The next morning I think the Plan was that bopeepsheep would finish off some tidying while I was at church. However, she had a stinking cold, so that put the kybosh on that idea. I came home with some honey&lemon Lockets as well as the newspapers.

And after lunch we went to collect smallclanger and watched the previous night's Jonathan Creek while we were there.

Which meant that over the weekend we still hadn't made much progress on the tidying-up thing. Ah well. A bit of deft moving-things-around on Tuesday evening meant that our minister did have a place to sit when he visited to go through the Christening service with us and the living room wasn't a total disaster area.

On Monday lunch time I did finally get my whizzy new bike. Well, possibly not so whizzy - it was the same price as my old one had been about seven years ago (though that was a mistake - it should have been £10 more than the price tag actually said). I got £20 knocked off (which then became £30 in order to make up for the aforementioned mistake) for trading in my old bike, which was a pleasant surprise (I'd been told I would get £10 for it). It does have several improvements compared to the old one: 3x6 grip-shift gears instead of 2x5 index-shift ones (though frankly I wonder why I actually need that many gears given that the top gear doesn't seem to be any higher than on the old one), better brakes and a bike stand (if that's what it's called - a little leg that folds out and props the bike up so you can leave it free standing).

On Tuesday after meeting bopeepsheep for lunch and being given my present I went with her to buy some more books and then we went down to `copa of Oxford' to try to finalise arrangements for the lunch after the Christening. (As I suspected, they weren't too happy to have smallclanger in the establishment, but since we weren't staying it was OK. Fortunately it appears they will allow children in the separate function room!) The manager and deputy manager weren't there, but we spoke to the supervisor who opened the diary and. . . no booking! Which fortunately meant that no one else had booked it either (which would have been surprising). So he wrote our booking in the diary. At least he remembered talking to me on the phone last week, but he thought they couldn't do what we had requested (ordering a certain amount of two different buffet menus). Which means we will have a more restrictive selection of food, but never mind.

So on Wednesday I went back there to give them an advanced payment. The manager, deputy manager and supervisor all weren't available, so I paid one of the employees. Anyway, it does look like we will have some food. Hoorah.

`LJ search engine' time. . .

Does anyone know what to do with a src.rpm of the kernel in order to generate all of the binary packages? Just saying `rpm -ba foo.spec' (on an i686) gave me only the i386 ones, and the smp and bigmem variants weren't among them.