April 27th, 2004


Ooh, shiny!

Good news: a big box arrived this morning. Though, for some reason, the user guide for the access point comes on CD instead of in an actual manual.

Bad news: it looks like the Belkin card was a mistake.Collapse )

So it looks like I am still wired until I get a new card and/or a new laptop. I could… hey, let's turn this into a poll!
Poll #285276 WLAN card

What should imc do about the network card?

Keep it for use on the hypothetical new laptop.
Use it on the Windows machine and keep the 3Com card for use on the hypothetical new laptop.
Ask the vendor if I can send it back for a refund (which does seem to be possible, though there will of course be postage costs).
Attempt to flog it on ox.for-sale.
Then buy another 3Com for use on the hypothetical new laptop.
Or try to buy a version 1 F5D6020 card on eBay for use on the current laptop as well as the hypothetical new laptop (it probably won't be any cheaper than the card I've got).
Buy a new laptop.
Tickybox [did I leave anything out?].


Up fairly early on Saturday morning in order to set out to Kent, though we still didn't make it out of the house until nearly 11 and we had to go via Tesco to get the papers and a couple of drinks.

M25 was surprisingly un-jammed (we didn't have to go through the roadworks between the M3 and M4) and we didn't do too badly for wrong turnings, so we arrived at my brother's house by 1.30 and had lunch. smallclanger pretty much refused his lunch (carrots, potatoes and chicken) but we tempted him with some fromage frais and cunningly hid some chicken in the apricot flavoured one as we were feeding it to him, so he didn't do too badly after all.

We went to Rochester and saw the castle and surrounding area in lovely sunshine, and bopeepsheep bought some lemon marmalade with ginger wine from a very tempting boutique with lots of sweet things in the window and a large array of jars of preserve, all different according to the labels on them.

Then it was out to a local pub-food-type chain for dinner, which was pretty good although one of them had to be sent back because it wasn't very hot.

On Sunday I and smallclanger joined my brother and sister-in-law at the morning service at their local church, and s-i-l stole smallclanger and took him to the back to play with some toys before he fell asleep (which he needed, as he seemed a bit grumpy, though he didn't make much noise).

Back home for lunch of pasta and bolognese, which again smallclanger was offered but didn't take much of, and then we went out for a walk round a local park and we let the baby have a go on a swing, a slide, a bouncy rocking horse (which had no handles) and a see-saw. He liked it a bit, but he seemed mostly indifferent.

We introduced my brother to Tantrix and Fluxx before tea, and after that it was time to set off home again. We made it back in about 2 hours.