September 23rd, 2004


State of the quiz

It's about half way through the music quiz and at the moment there's a clear leader on 21½ points, while the lowest contender currently has about 4. The median score is just 6, so don't be afraid to enter if you don't seem to recognise many of the tunes. (I should point out that some of the people who have entered have stated that they will revisit their answers before the closing date, and others may still be considering their answers before putting in an entry.)

Remember the fourth sentence of the introduction - if you don't know which one then guess! The introduction also says that some personal research may be permitted. So, if you think one of the answers is "Leningrad Symphony" [it isn't] then I don't necessarily rule out using Google to find out who wrote the Leningrad Symphony to see if it's a likely contender (though your personal ethics might, I don't know). Similarly, if you think one of the tunes may be on your CD of Rutter's collected works [it isn't] then listening to the CD to find out isn't out of the question.

Another hint to one of the questions may possibly be found here.