November 16th, 2004


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I took Thursday (28th) and Friday off work because I still needed to make the video quiz for the QL party. Of course, before doing that I had to clear the corner of the room where the videos are. The tapes were also mostly still there from last time; what I need to do after doing this is sit down and rewind all the tapes and put them away, but before I got round to doing that a pile of junk got put on top of them.

Anyway, I finished making the tape on Friday morning, but I will probably have to get one of the VCRs seen to because it's recording a degraded colour signal (such that if you record and then play back on that machine it appears in black and white; but if you play a tape from elsewhere or record one and then play it elsewhere you do get colour, though it's a bit noisy). bopeepsheep went out for the morning with ladyynara. Sadly, because it took so long to make the video quiz, I didn't get time to make any ice cream, though I'd already got the ingredients. And we were relatively late in setting out.

Traffic England said there were delays at the bottom and the top of the M40 and lots of "Queue ahead" signs on the M42. As it turned out, the A34 was rather slow going at several points and, as predicted, the first couple of junctions of the M40 were slow too. However, all the traffic turned off at junction 10 and it was plain sailing the rest of the way to Telford. We made it by 7pm or so.

There were weird and wonderful games and food and a Scott Bakula pumpkin lantern. We watched I-Man which I'd only seen bits of before. Inevitably I spent much of the evening running after smallclanger to stop him from destroying the place. Unfortunately he had a big shouting match at about 6.30 on Saturday morning, which can't have been popular with the other guests, but we managed to quieten him down in the end.

On Saturday, among other things, we had the balloon stomp game (which smallclanger thought was very funny to watch) and the mummy game, and all the quizzes. We were getting ready to play the evening's murder mystery when smallclanger developed a temperature; I was sent out to buy Calpol from the local co-op, and NHS Direct were consulted. Fortunately he eventually began to cool down; he didn't have a shouting match in the middle of the night, and he seemed fine by the next day. And I (and a couple of other people) guessed who the murderer was, though I forget now.

On Sunday morning I took smallclanger with some of the others on our customary walk round the lake. He wore his wellies, but he didn't want to get out and walk, which seemed unusual. He was content to watch the ducks from his seat.

In the afternoon was a girls-v-boys Trivial Pursuit match, and then we started packing to go home, which was a fairly uneventful journey.