February 24th, 2005


Enough updates — here are my six things

I have…
  1. Never once had a pet in my life — not even a goldfish.
  2. Written a REXX interpreter.
  3. Introduced a new girlfriend [guess who] to my parents over the phone on September 11th, 2001.
  4. Had articles published in Your Computer magazine before I'd left school.
  5. Had dinner with Johnny Ball (and a few other people — but not a huge affair).
  6. Sung Mozart in St. Mark's, Venice.

But I doubt I'll bother changing any of them if someone pipes up to say they have done one of these. :-)

Of wasted afternoons and mornings

A machine appeared under my desk the other day, and separately a message got through to me asking me to install Linux on it. First time I booted the DVD something weird and random happened, so I tried again and after I'd answered all the questions it stopped dead half way through formatting the filesystems. Trying to boot in text mode produced some Python error messages. So I accepted the option to check the install media. It failed. On a hunch I pulled one of the two memory modules out of the machine. The media check passed, and the system installed without further incident.

Yesterday morning I gave the module to Terry who put it in his memory tester and it was pronounced healthy. So I put it in the machine in place of the other one. Result: working machine. Put the other back in: non-working machine. Moved the two memory modules to slots 3 and 4: working again. The machine has now gone back to the supplier with a suspected fault on memory slot 2. But it takes with it a tiny bit of my blood because the side of the case cut my thumb while I was trying to take it off. :-(

Oh yes, the department administrator apparently decided it would be a good idea to have a fire drill at about 1pm on Tuesday, so we all had to stand outside on the coldest day of the year so far. If he'd only waited until the next day he could have made us stand out in the snow, too…

I lost a glove today. Again. The first one seemed to get lost in Cowley Centre in November, and the second one is probably somewhere in the vicinity of Allders. So now when I'm cycling, not only am I wearing non-matching gloves, but I'm wearing the left one backwards. I may need to go to a shop at some point. I am not feeling very rich, having just spent £115 on photographs of some toddler (admittedly a very charming one).