June 16th, 2005


Odds and ends

Boring geeky stuff which I wrote earlier about how LiveJournal computes its statistics.

My piggy, which is quite small because I didn't realise they would shrink it after I drew it (and so a couple of minor details got lost). If there's anyone left on LiveJournal who hasn't seen this yet, draw a pig before looking at the other ones, as I suspect I've been influenced by having seen everyone else's before I drew mine.

I'll leave the poll open for a while longer. It's a shame I can't split the time and allocate it to several people, but unfortunately the nature of the thing is that at least n–1 of the n people who said yes will be disappointed. I'm sorry and I hope you don't take it personally. I won't announce the result: one person will just log in one day to find they have been unexpectedly extended. By the way, no one need stop posting for lack of money, since a free account is still a fully functioning journal (just without certain bells and whistles).