June 22nd, 2005


Interest-ing, or not

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in

1. slackware score: 8
Hah, no. If I ever switch from RPM-based distros, I'll be going to Debian, thanks.

2. openbsd score: 7
I once installed FreeBSD… but I didn't use it.

3. emacs score: 7

4. gnu score: 7
If you say so.

5. tex score: 6
OK then. That might actually be a useful suggestion.

6. pascal score: 6
Ugh, no!

7. gnome score: 6
Ditto. Why do you think fvwm is on my list?

8. gentoo score: 6
Gentoo is for wannabes. And see above under Slackware.

9. netbsd score: 5
See above under OpenBSD.

10. jasper fforde score: 5

11. apache score: 5
Well that's slightly random (even if I am running it on our home server).

12. robert rankin score: 5
I've met him. Never read his books, though.

13. os/2 score: 5
Hee hee. I still have that installed on my old laptop. Must be five years since I booted it, though.

14. the now show score: 4

15. lambs score: 4
bopeepsheep and smallclanger have enough of those between them.

16. little house books score: 4
Hello, bopeepsheep.

17. mothercare score: 4
I think I must have lots of AN people influencing this…

18. jeff minter score: 4
Err, OK.

19. anpreg score: 4
I knew it!

20. pronunciation score: 4

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