July 16th, 2005


The news in brief

  • I've mislaid one of my AAA rechargeable batteries for my pocket radio (at least it was one of the old ones that doesn't hold much charge), and smallclanger seems to have lost one of the ones from the cordless phone. So I ordered four more from Eurobatteries, and a couple of C-size for my bike lights. I threw in four AA because they'll probably come in useful (and the postage is three quid). I got click-happy and actually got a fast-charger as well, since high capacity batteries might take 16-24 hours on the old one (and batteries don't come with charging instructions these days so it's hard to tell). Anyway, apparently when you add "Nimh-AA-2300x4" to your basket it comes out as "Nimh-AA-2200x12". So yeah, I emailed to tell them this but didn't get a reply.
  • Surprisingly, www.amish.com does exist! (Stolen from uk.misc)
  • Apparently, there are precisely 6670903752021072936960 possible Sudoku grids.
  • oldblokeSudoku for you. I can't see where I'm going wrong, but I don't seem to be able to solve this without making an assumption (I also tried with the opposite assumption and it eventually ended in a contradiction). Apparently, bopeepsheep solved it OK.