November 9th, 2005



Asking various web sites how to get from a particular post code in Grantham (Lincs) to another post code in Edinburgh, I get results that vary wildly in the estimated journey time.

The RAC: 272.5 miles, 6 hours 36
The AA: 297.1 miles, 5 hours 57
MapQuest (UK): 204.7 miles, 7 hours 23
MapQuest (US): 295.84 miles, 4 hours 52

They are all using the same route (A1 all the way up) except the RAC one, which turns off at Darlington to use the slightly more direct A68.

Personally I suspect the MapQuest US one is closest to the truth. How MapQuest UK manages to chop 90 miles off the journey and still add 2½ hours extra is beyond me. That's an average of about 30 miles per hour.
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When story books collide…

smallclanger has a counting book, which he can pretty much read all by himself now, because he can read numbers (up to at least 12, anyway) and he can identify most of the pictures. Last night I noticed him mumbling something between the pages. It went a bit like this:

One rabbit.
(still hungry)
Two teddy bears.
(still hungry)
Three puppies.
(still hungry)

As it went on, he started putting other words between the pages, too. It took me a couple of pages to work out what he was saying…

Four fish.
(still hungry)
On Friday:
Five boats.
(still hungry)
On Friday:
Six ducks.
(still hungry)