December 4th, 2005


How not to get your message through

The other day I phoned the automated Debenhams account line. A recorded voice on the other end said "Sorry, this service is no longer available" and hung up. It seems they've fixed it now, but I registered to access the account online anyway. They will apparently send me a user ID and a passcode, one by post and one by email.

A day or two later at quarter to midnight I glanced at the index of my incoming mail and saw a message from someone who apparently has no real name and the obviously made-up email address "". The subject line was "Security Passcode – do not delete this mail". Well you'll know by now from the fact that I'm mentioning it in this post that it was the email containing half of my account details. But I was pretty much ready to junk it when I had a quick look at its contents.

And the passcode turns out to be "BWAAAHAHAHAHA!". OK, not really, but it does have five capital-As and three capital-Ws in it.

It was rather wet yesterday. The Administrator happened to see me when I arrived. "You look a bit wet," he said. "There's a reason for that," I replied. "Oh, raining is it?"

He said he'll arrange a review some time this week, depending on the HoD's diary. He also said he'll be trying to arrange alternative office space for us next week, as our office is going to be pretty much uninhabitable with the building noise.

I continued on my journey to the office, where I peeled off various layers of rather damp outer clothing. Water had leaked into my shoes. I took them off and put them on top of the radiator (which is under a desk just next to mine). So when I put them back on at lunch time, they had warm water in them…

WRGPT has been on a pause recently waiting for a full redraw — no mail at all arrived between the 23rd and 29th of November (exclusive). Which is a bit of a shame as I was just getting to know a little about the tactics of the other players on table b30. Nothing stunning has happened since my last win, but I've been slowly leaking money and was in third place before the reshuffle. I was in second place on the new table, but the leader had twice as much as me. Two players had less than $2000 and one of those has already been eliminated, but so far I haven't had the cards to make any bet apart from blinds. I've sunk to fourth place.

The most interesting hand was probably one on which I was dealt two fairly rubbish hearts and folded immediately. On the turn, one player went all-in with a pair of kings and a flush draw — in hearts, as it happens. One other player called with a pair of nines and another flush draw. The last card dealt was the nine of spades, and the all-in player was eliminated. That must have been gutting!