March 10th, 2006


XHTML — what's the point?

(Did you know that if someone sends you a nudge, the real-name field of the sender address just says "in"? Is this a bug?)

HTML geeks such as I may have noticed that LiveJournal is attempting to serve half-baked XHTML 1.0 instead of plain HTML 4.0. Some of its pages (notably, those in the XColibur site scheme) come with an XHTML doctype (though pages in Dystopia come with an HTML 4.0 doctype, and styled journal pages may not come with a doctype at all), and it uses self-closing tags all over the place (even in the pages which claim to be HTML 4.0). Of course, the web server says all these pages are of type text/html, because certain popular browsers don't actually support XHTML.

I've recently found a web page which explains why this is a stupid idea…