April 18th, 2006


Texas — the story so far

So on April 7th at stupid o'clock in the morning we got up and piled into father-in-law's car to go to Gatwick airport. Check-in and boarding was uneventful, and we left the gate at about 9.30 to cross the Atlantic. And about 10½ hours later we got off again at Houston. We had practically no fuss from smallclanger, and he and I got an hour or two of kip on the way, too.

The plane arrived slightly late, having flown a slightly longer route than normal to avoid some strong winds over the Atlantic. They delivered our stroller to us on the jetway (which doesn't always happen), but by the time we had made it through the maze of passageways to the immigration hall we were at the back of a very long queue. Once we actually got to the desk we went straight through with no problem, and we went to collect our hire car and strapped smallclanger into Argos's best toddler seat in the back.

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