May 7th, 2006


Use the Source

I reported the broken laptop to the insurance company, who said we'd have to have it collected by their designated computer repairs company to be assessed for repair or replacement. In the meantime I happened to see a cheap ThinkPad 600X on eBay, so we went for it as that means bopeepsheep isn't without a laptop while the other one is away. Apart from the CD-Rom and hard disk drives, which are swappable anyway, it's a slightly better machine than the old one.

City Link was due to deliver it on Thursday 27th, but by 4pm we hadn't heard anything so I asked the seller for the tracking number and discovered that according to City Link they had attempted to deliver at 9am and put a card through. So bopeepsheep rang them up to find out what was going on, and was told that the driver reported having put the card through a red door. Well there isn't even a red door on our street! Delivery was rearranged for the next day with strict instructions on how not to go the wrong address. It finally came at about 1pm.

So I rang up to tell the insurers they could take the laptop away and they put me on to their repair company, who sent a DHL courier. They asked me to pack it up with the powerpack in a box (so it's lucky that we had the box and packing material from the other laptop) and put an address label on the box. By typing this address into Google I discovered two things: their web site, and their eBay shop! The latter has a feedback rating of 97.1%, which means about 3% of their customers are dissatisfied…

Anyway, if they don't repair the laptop (presumably by finding a similar model on eBay and swapping the screens round) then I'm expecting to see it on eBay shortly after the claim is settled! I'm slightly irked that they wanted the powerpack (which no doubt will go on eBay separately) because we've temporarily mislaid the proper one for it (because it may or may not have started acting up) and I ended up sending the one from my old 380D, which smallclanger has this weekend claimed as his own computer to do "typing" on. Anyway, if they replace the machine they'll either send the powerpack back or supply a new one, so it's not all bad.