May 23rd, 2006


Party games

Among other things, this past weekend was designated as QL party weekend (though these days the QL content has diminished to merely watching a couple of the DVDs). bopeepsheep stayed home and went to the meat instead, and smallclanger went to his Granny's.

Proceedings started when my travelling companions and I arrived in Telford late on Friday evening with the DVD game of Telly Addicts (yes, with Noel Edmonds). Females challenged the males and, sadly, won by a whisker despite being behind for most of the game (and despite being two people to our three). And they won the re-match by somewhat more than a whisker. The DVD of Catchphrase (with Mr Chips, and possibly the voice of Roy Walker, though I didn't check the credits) was then brought out, but we were less impressed. Males were a fair bit ahead by the end of the first round, at which point the DVD player crashed — and the same thing happened when we attempted it again.

Saturday's games were numerous and interesting (honest).Collapse )

bopeepsheep and I had been meant to meet people for a picnic on Sunday, so I had a train ticket for the 10:03 train back to Oxford (for the princely sum of £8, plus a credit card fee of £1.50 which rather irritates me because the design of TheTrainLine's payment form meant that I didn't notice the fee would be added until after I had completed the transaction). So we had a quick look at a bit of the QI interactive DVD before it was time for me to leave.

In the event we were rained off, but the surviving members of the party did have a pub lunch before we dragged our wet selves back home.