June 27th, 2006


Dungeons and Lemmings

I escaped from the Dungeon of Imc!

I killed Sesquipedality the fire elemental, Idonotlikepeas the troll, Brekke the arch-demon, Taimatsu the kobold, Fivemack the giant spider, Lnr the gelatinous cube, Ewx the kobold, Hsenag the gelatinous cube, Pookalso the cockatrice, Sion A the goblin, Karen2205 the kobold, Glitterboy1 the troll, Nou the floating eye, Scat0324 the fire elemental, Land Girl the troll, Smallclanger the fire elemental, Whirligigwitch the floating eye, Webhill the nymph, Eiramanit the leprechaun, Bisonbaby the arch-demon, Adventcalendar the rat, Catalana the minotaur, The Muttster the minotaur, Buzzy Babe the mind flayer, Anat0010 the floating eye, Clare S the gelatinous cube, Tobyc the mind flayer, Nomme the zombie and Shadowphiar the arch-demon.

I looted a Figurine of Missjudas, the Dagger of Quinling, the Axe of Hairyears, a Figurine of Mobilemum, the Crown of Atreic, the Dagger of Stacyinthecity, the Sword of Fvwm, the Wand of Early Music, the Sword of K425, the Amulet of Oxford, the Armour of Choral Music, the Crown of Ellipunk, a Figurine of Abdoujaparov, the Wand of Jentifred, the Dagger of Ox.test, the Sceptre of Italian Food, the Axe of Juggzy, the Amulet of Pedantry, the Axe of Nja, the Sceptre of Choral Music, the Axe of Smallclanger, the Shield of Popsock and 629 gold pieces.

Score: 1029

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