October 7th, 2006


Trivia 4

It's currently possible to get a never-ending feed of latest LiveJournal posts. Suck that into a file for a day or two and you have a bunch of data to do some quick statistics on (firefoxfey did so and mentioned it on one of the recent question-and-answer entries in lj_feedback).

Some "personal" journals have hundreds of posts per day, though most of these seem to be automatic feeds of one kind or another (and at least a couple of journals seem to have had all their entries (re-)posted overnight).

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You have to wonder how some people have time to eat or sleep. (ohnotheydidnt scored a disappointing 87, by the way.)

baby puzzler

Day of D00m

Thursday, September 21

At some point during the evening, smallclanger managed to find a lipstick sampler and get the inside out before putting the lid back on. The first I knew about this was when, in the darkness after putting him to bed, I noticed a large red-brown splodge on the rug in his room. There didn't seem to be any sign of the actual lipstick until (and no doubt this is patently obvious to everyone except, at the time, me) I also noticed it on the floor in the kitchen and thought to look at the bottom of my shoe. Oh dear. So we decided to borrow the in-laws' steam cleaner for the carpets, and buy a Stain Devil for the washable rugs.

Next morning, not long before I was due to leave for work, TMICollapse )

So I set off to work, late as usual. I heard reports that smallclanger was not exactly on his best behaviour, and he was still throwing things when I got back.

There was a big box in the living room: the new laptop that I accidentally won in an eBay auction had arrived. While I was eating my tea I carefully removed the tape and peeked in the box. It was full of those little polystyrene nuggets, so I closed it again until I had a container to empty them into. We were actually in a bit of a hurry to get out (as we needed to collect a play kitchen as well as the steam-cleaner) and smallclanger was being a bit stroppy about eating his dinner, so we gave up.

I nipped upstairs to the loo. Apparently I am never allowed to do this without being followed, so smallclanger came up the stairs, and as I came out of the bathroom, he ran towards me knocking over a big pot of green paint. The lid came open and it spilled all over the landing carpet.

While we were trying to clear it up as best we could before rushing out, we heard a voice from downstairs: "It's snowing!". We didn't even have to go downstairs to know that the floor was covered in small polystyrene nuggets…

Fortunately, smallclanger fell asleep in the car while we were out, so he couldn't do any more mischief that day.