October 26th, 2006


Four-year-old in "ordering from Tesco Direct" shocker (or not)

Apparently Tesco has moved a certain adult-oriented toy from the "toys and games" section of their web site in case four, five or six-year olds buy it while going about their daily business of buying the groceries.

I accidentally found a random journal entry mentioning this earlier today, complete with a link to the Daily Mail story (with "Won't someone please think of the children" as the first highlighted reader comment — you have to wonder whether the comments editor was in on the joke).

Personally I think the most shocking aspect of this story is that they are charging fifty quid for a few bits of metal tubing and a DVD.

Breaking up is hard to do

The scene: we have found that we are missing a couple of things we need for dinner and I am off to Tesco for some supplies. I'm going to be about half an hour tops. I have been at the front door for the last five minutes trying to persuade smallclanger that it's better for him to stay at home because he does have some dinner to eat, and he isn't wearing shoes or socks. Or trousers. Finally, he agrees.

smallclanger: I want a kiss and cuddle.
imc: does so
smallclanger: I want one for Mummy too!
imc: is dragged back into the front room to give Mummy a kiss and cuddle
smallclanger: I want another kiss and cuddle.
imc: does so again
smallclanger: And another one for Mummy!
imc: Mummy has had a kiss and cuddle already.
smallclanger: Kiss and cuddle for Mummy!
imc: arguing no use — goes back to Mummy
imc: Bye bye!
imc: goes to front door and opens it
smallclanger: I want a hug!