November 8th, 2006

baby puzzler

Reticulating Splines

I've just received a department-wide email advertising a seminar with the title "Componentising Software Performance Optimization Expertise".

I might have to steal that phrase, but I'm not sure what for yet. It sounds like the sort of thing they'd say on Star Trek to explain how they fixed the computer. (This would be just after they reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, of course.)


[some time last week]

Good news: I'm on the fastest table. Day 10 and it's already up to hand 8.
Bad news: I'm not getting anywhere — I still have 10000 (I dropped $50 on the big blind and then won it back the very next hand when I was the only player left in who wasn't on vacation).
Good news: At last, I have an ace!
Bad news: My other card is a 3.
Good news: they are the same suit.
Bad news: I'm player 5 and no one came in in front of me. I really ought to fold, but I decided to stay in. It needs to be a multiway pot to make this profitable.
Good news: two of the next three people came in behind me.
Bad news: The dealer raised $250.
Even worse news: I called, then some idiot went all-in. That's $300 down the drain.

Said idiot could in fact be a genius, given that he gained $725 on that hand and $300 on hand 14 where he did the same thing (that time I'd already folded my 76 offsuit). But I think he'll get bitten sooner or later.

There hasn't yet been a showdown out of 14 hands. Sod's law says the hand I try to bluff will be the one that does end in a showdown…