February 13th, 2007


A random collection of short updates

  1. I don't think I need one of these, but I signed up to send someone else a message, so baaaaa.
    My Valentinr - imc
  2. It's been a while, but while I'm doing memes: comment on this post and I'll tell you which of your icons is my favourite, or at least pick one at random…
  3. I fixed my third puncture in two days this morning, so I was half an hour late, grr. The first one was in the front and caused by a short headless tack. The second one was in the rear and despite my checking the tyre carefully before I put it back together I didn't find the tiny piece of glass embedded in it, which is what caused the third one barely ten minutes into my journey to work this morning. My rear tyre is wearing a bit thin; I'll probably get a new one tomorrow.
  4. Silly conversation the other week:
    J: Have we got a lottery ticket for today?
    Me: Yes
    J: Ah, I can read the property pages then.
    Sad to say, we are not moving house quite yet. The draw previous to that was irritating as our Dream Number matched digits 2, 3 and 4 but not 1. It's won four quid since then, but at the time it hadn't won anything since early December. Previously we had a number beginning with 7 (but we changed our main numbers and you don't get to choose your own Dream Number) and I calculated that that one would have won us £18 since the previous win for our current number. Still, anything could happen in the future…
  5. WRGPT has been good and bad since I last wrote anything about it. Bad mostly because I'm on the table that is currently the second slowest in the tournament and I've had mostly rubbish for the last two weeks, and good because I was for a brief moment the table leader. Since then I don't think I've placed any bets that weren't compulsory, but several other people have overtaken me, at least sometimes because of silly moves by people knocking themselves out.

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I have a Belinea LCD monitor next to me which, when it has no signal (for instance when the computer goes into DPMS screen-saver mode) flashes the whole screen red, green, blue, white and black in repetitive sequence with a period of about two seconds. It's only been doing this since yesterday. Has anyone seen this before, and is it something I should expect? Perhaps it's to make me switch it off when I'm not using it and save electricity.

Not long ago, this monitor was attached to my main Solaris workstation. Every time I came in of a morning, I'd press a key to wake the machine up and then spend several minutes looking at a blank screen waiting for it to warm up. When it was nearly ready to come on, the orange light would blink for a while, and then go green when the screen appeared.

I did the following experiment: I switched the monitor off, and then only switched it back on again after I'd woken the machine up. It still didn't come on immediately, so I somewhat foolishly reasoned that it was the machine's graphics card that was playing up, rather than the monitor.

Over a period of a few months, the waiting time gradually got longer, and one day it topped 15 minutes. So I decided to switch monitors, and discovered that it had been the monitor's fault all along. Oh well.

Anyway, this goes to show that the monitor was already loopy. But it never flashed colours at me until yesterday when I moved the connection from one PC to another.