October 29th, 2007


Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

It's a dreary Monday afternoon and I would like to spread some love. So what I want you to do is think of something nice to say to one or more people on LiveJournal and type it into the box below. The poll options are set so that only I can see what you typed. In a couple of days I will post what you all said without revealing who said it.

Do mention who your compliment is for. It doesn't necessarily have to be someone I know; but on the other hand, people who are on my Friends-Of list are much more likely to see it than random other people.

If it doesn't fit in the box, post a comment. All comments on this entry are screened, but I will unscreen unless you tell me not to or it's obvious that your comment is a response to the poll.

Poll #1079231 Complimentary

So who would you like to compliment today?


Dear Lazyweb: video editing

The other thing I'd quite like to know today concerns .m2v files. These are MPEG2 video files suitable for input to "mplex -f 8" and subsequently "dvdauthor", although what the actual file format is I wouldn't like to say. My Linux machine has these things installed: mencoder, ffmpeg, transcode and mjpegtools, and they all seem to do similar jobs slightly differently, which is confusing. So does anyone know…

1. What's the best way to animate a bunch of .png files into a .m2v file?
2. How do you split a .m2v file at a particular point?
3. How do you join two .m2v files together?
4. Is there any decent free video editing software for Linux?