November 23rd, 2007


You know you miss LJ Support

… when, during the course of your job, you have to ask someone to clear their cache and have to resist the urge to just point them at FAQ 160. Or the tutorial (which I've just now noticed is out of date because it doesn't cover Firefox 2).

While I'm here:

User interfaces we have hated #76

Command-line programs which, when you get the flags wrong, just spit out a usage message and don't tell you what they thought was wrong with it.

Another disappointing time at the poker

I was dealt a pair of 8s and it cost me $1000 to see the flop with four other players, which was 653 rainbow.

The player in front of me posted a substantial (70% pot) raise. He was the big stack of the table and his history seemed to indicate to me that he generally only stays in when he has something worthwhile. If he's holding a pair, I reasoned, chances are high that it's either better than 8s or matches the flop. There's an outside chance that he has a 4 and thus an open-ended straight draw.

So I folded. The player after me had already sent in an advance command to jam the pot, so I was glad I was out of it.

One player called; the original raiser folded. As you might guess, the jammer had great cards that just didn't match the flop at all. The caller had a pair of 4s. If I had stayed in I would have tripled my stack. Boo!