December 25th, 2007

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Merry Christmas!

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I am reading LiveJournal on Christmas Day

I haven't been to bed yet so it doesn't count
It's not midnight yet in my timezone
no (filling this in some time later)
christmas tree

Stocking fillers

finger of fudge; chocolate coins; musical spinning top; mini tic-tac-toe; bouncy ball; milky bar

1. Fudge? I didn't want that! [It had been eaten by lunch time.]
2. Chocolate coins? I didn't want that either.
 – But you like chocolate coins.
 – I do like them, but I didn't want them.
 [By lunch time he was threatening to eat just the coins and not have any actual lunch.]
3. This was with my presents but I didn't want it.
4. This was in my stocking but I didn't want it. [He still offered me a game over breakfast though.]
5. This was in my stocking but I did want it.
6. This was in the flat present. I didn't want that either. [It got eaten before I even took this picture.]
christmas tree

Christmas dinner



See if you can spot what's missing. :-)

I must say, we did have some successes — he was very happy with all his main presents (including the first one he opened which was just eight standard tubs of Soft Stuff in bright colours). He also scored a Lego concrete mixer, a new Winter coat, some Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, a case full of pencils with his name on them, a couple of wooden construction models, several board games and a large collection of books, but the one which was popular enough to go to bed with was a Thomas-branded torch.

And there will no doubt be more presents (and another Christmas dinner) at Granny's tomorrow, and even more at Grandma's next weekend.