April 2nd, 2008

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OK I lied

I intended the Myspace background music to be the WTF moment for most people — emigrating to a fictional island was just an extra flight of fantasy added to make the whole thing more surreal. It also included (a) a gratuitous mention of the date, and (b) a midday deadline. And the last sentence was a quote from Red Dwarf.

For the record, I don't have a Myspace and I don't want one, and I'm not about to be fired. Many (but not all) statements in the first two paragraphs were true, but the rest was more or less a complete fabrication. One person told me it was not amusing; I appear to have been defriended by another. Oops. If it was in bad taste, I apologise.

In other news:

Today I have been ill with some sort of stomach bug and didn't go to work and missed choir.

My DVR crashed about 2 minutes before the end of tonight's The Apprentice.

Why does predictive text not recognise the word "trowel"? Why does it write "troyel" instead? What is a troyel?