August 25th, 2008


Greendrops and Moonsquirters

So on the 15th the garage phoned me at almost the last possible minute to tell me they had indeed fixed the car and smallclanger and I travelled North. The next day we took a local train to Manchester and hopped on the free number 3 city bus which conveniently delivered us to the doorstep of the art gallery. The exhibition was upstairs.

One section of the room was devoted to The Princess and the Pea and there was a little theatre where you could put on a show.

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There were a few other activities I didn't get pictures of. We were there for quite a while, and then it was lunch time. As we went down in the lift we overheard someone else telling her child it was time to go because the museum was closing (child: "Why are the other people not going home then?") and I think smallclanger believed her.