March 10th, 2010


What, you didn't notice I was gone?

The other random news bit is that I had a nice weekend away at a house party &mdash the same one I go to twice a year (except last March when we all went to LA for a convention instead, but morally it counts) — now in its thirteenth year, and saw a couple of old friends who haven't been the last couple of years. This time it involved Wii games, which was a new departure. And I actually won a game of Ticket to Ride for the first time ever.

And the oddest thing that happened yesterday was that I was rung up by the bursar of an institution to which I'd written a cheque for £75 several weeks ago. She said that their bank had insisted the cheque was only worth £25, and sure enough when I checked my bank statement it listed a debit of £25 for that cheque. She had asked the bank for a copy of the cheque and as far as she was concerned it definitely said "seventy five" on the left and "75" on the right, but in the end it was easier to ask me to write another cheque for £50 to make up the difference. Banks are rubbish. Discuss.