May 9th, 2010


Take back what?

So, my vote on Thursday was one of the 57% which were not in favour of the eventually elected candidate. (As it happens I didn't vote for the winning candidate in my ward in the council election either, but he at least got 70% of all votes.)

It can't have escaped one's notice that there is a growing body of public opinion which says that swift electoral reform is needed, and I think I even heard Michael Portillo say as much the other day. (Careful, though — I seem to remember a similar surge of opinion which said that the Liberal Democrats were a credible alternative and would do well in the election, and we know how that turned out.) The Lib Dems have been advocating electoral reform since the year dot, and the Labour Party proposed a referendum on AV (the Alternative Vote system) just before the election, although possibly only in a bid to attract the Lib Dems given that a hung parliament was a near certainty.

So here's controversial statement number 1: generally speaking, I am not in favour of PR.Collapse )

Controversial statement number 2 is this: I'm not sure what is achieved by standing outside Oxford Town Hall dressed in purple.Collapse )